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The Power of Role

The Power of Role

The Upside of Corporate Politics - By Dr. Ric Routh

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The Power of Role--The Upside of Corporate Politics written by our Director, Dr. Richard Routh. This book is a must read primer on how to excel as a C-Level executive while thriving in the corporate executive political environment. Any one aspiring to be a competitive CIO needs to read and apply the lessons discussed in this book.

Reader Reviews

“Somebody just moved the cheese back into my field of vision. An excellent read–short, sharp and to the point. A lesson by way of example rather than hackneyed formulae and jargon. I like the explanations and “turn of phrase”. A book aimed at the sophisticated reader and yet easily understood by anyone opening its covers at the end of a long day and settling down with a glass of red. Well done!”

Alan Rosendorff B.A. LL.B. – Rosendorff Lawyers

“A very enjoyable and educative read. Routh has clarified the importance of relationships between key Executive roles within an organization, and has highlighted the often missed or underestimated importance of Corporate Political Capital. If you want to succeed as an executive I suggest you learn from the advice within this book.”

Stuart Glenn–Chief Operating Officer & President – PB International

“The importance of role and politics in a professional environment are often underestimated. To build credibility in any executive role it is critical that one understands the need for clarity and accountability around role, both individually and collectively. Similarly, the politics and motivators surrounding each role are unique, and understanding or empathizing with others in relation to their roles, can be a differentiator in assisting an executive to stand out from the pack. By leaving egos at the door and focusing on your own strengths, whilst encouraging others to bring their unique skills to the table, great things can be achieved at an organizational level. This is only possible however by understanding what drives your colleagues behavior and importantly what will motivate them to accept change for the greater good, in a business world where adaptability is not only necessary for success but also survival. This work explains these important aspects with great clarity.”

Peter Siebels–Head of Large Accounting Firm–Adelaide

“A valuable resource to support Executives and aspiring Executives to better understand how to build corporate political capital. This knowledge will be the key to successfully transition from a specialist to a senior executive. A must read for those who are serious about broadening their career.”

Pollyanna Lenkic–Founder, Perspectives Coaching, Co-President Victorian Sub Chapter, International Coaching Federation